SM Swagger Cricket Bat

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The SM " Swagger" is a "Super Edition" premium grade bat. It is a hand crafted, naturally air dried, grade 1+ premium English Willow cricket bat. The straight grains available range from 8-12. The bat is of lightweight design utilising rebound technology with the best art of pressing. The shock absorption 9 piece handle is made of 100% Singapore manau cane to match the highest quality standards. Each bat uses premium graded English Willow and a personal selection of cleft. It is efficiently balanced to reduce the overall weight giving it an extralight feel with maximum power and superlight pick up. The bat has extra thick contoured flowing edges to enhance the "sweet spot". It has magnificent rebound quality with enormous driving power. The bat has a composite toe guard and there is a customised English antiscuff sheet for the bats face. The bat has been pre-knocked for around 400 strokes. The "Swagger" bat has the following weights available ranging from 2lb 8oz to 3lbs. Grading is in accordance with ICC standards.